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  • Текст песни The Kingpins - Takin' it uptown

    Исполнитель: The Kingpins
    Название песни: Takin' it uptown
    Дата добавления: 06.06.2016 | 05:21:55
    Просмотров: 14
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    You know I love the techno
    And I love the drum & bass
    And I like the Rock 'n Roll
    In the right time and place
    But the sound that always moves me
    The one that always drives me
    It makes me feel so good
    So way down deep inside me

    Reggae come down from the alley
    And we're taking it uptown
    And we're on the main street now
    We got the sounds of the underground
    And we're takin' it uptown

    You know I can sing the disco
    And I can sing the blues
    Rap to the hip hop
    So many styles to choose
    But the one that always grabs me
    And puts me in the mood
    Is the sweet sounds of ska
    Come on everybody move


    You got to move your feet
    You gotta move your bottom
    This here one sound for each and everyone
    One called JFK, me is born Canadian
    Rap to the sound they call Jamaican
    This here sound originating from the Island
    Spread out to America and in England
    Comin' from the ghetto but it's made for everyone
    Now you hear it playing on the radio station

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