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  • Текст песни Shizzy VI - Naruflow

    Исполнитель: Shizzy VI
    Название песни: Naruflow
    Дата добавления: 17.05.2016 | 10:18:38
    Просмотров: 8
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    На этой странице находится текст песни Shizzy VI - Naruflow , а также перевод песни и видео или клип.
    Who am I ? Kimimaro bitch of the Sound 5 with bone turned to stone face I suicide. I'll slay your clan or suffer from Sasuke's sorrow then I'll be gone in a Yellow Flash like Minato. I go harder than Jugo's fists. Spittin' Grand fire balls but you know this. You know Six. The tailest Tail-beast boy I'm not you, bringing flames hotter than an Amaterasu. I go Gates and you say goodnight nigga, coming from more angles than the Crystal Ice Mirrors. I figured nigga's would try to knock me back cause someone they'll never see like what's underneath Kakashi's mask. With proper acts, I'm making sure you hate six, but still watch me move like Tsunade's tits. Cause I do it big as Choji or the eyebrows on Rock Lee. Acting like my Kage Bunshin's but you still are not me. I'm obscene, Genocidal starting trauma first, taking moms from nigga's like Gaara's birth. Better recognize I'm fucking sick, doubt this? That's horse shit. I'm sharper than the blades of a Hidden Mist Swordsman. Villages flee when i dispatch this rap. Why you think they call me the Sage of the Six Paths? With Six Paths of Pain, leaving all mighty shook. Launching niggas away with an Almighty Push. This a Tail-beast Bomb released through a hot flow, a red headed beast of a Shinobi like Nagato. More sting than a killer bee, more raps than Killer Bee. A fucking Jinchuriki, you really think that you killing me ? An ANBU, see my jobs to slay you and get paid, in a way where you wouldn't come back with Edo Tensei. Madara, all these other niggas I'll father em, killing any village and tell them motha fuckas that it's not wise to bother em'. I'm a fucking villain, a lone Shinobi who does not play, to stand even a chance get the past 5 Hokages, the Mizukage, the Raikage, the Kazekage, every member of Akatsuki to stop me. The story? Chidori. Battle me it's gon' be Gory. I'm known to Pull Strings like Kankuro and Sasori. Ask Ino, she know, I ain't a hero. A fresh face to rap yours got old, Chiyo. With a Rasen-Shuriken you'll either die or be gone, or get your eye taken like Shisui Uchiha. Pest, I'll use the Sand Coffin as your fly swatter, kind of ironic, cause' I'm way flyer than Deidara. Eyes of Itachi, more Heart than Kakuzu and Quicker hands than Gai, you really want me to box with you? Fine. I'll transform and make sure you see monster, throwing more Palms than Neji Hyuuga and Hinata's. You niggas Snakes in the grass, Orochimaru. That I can body from the Shadows, like Shikimaru. Get bit, I got more forms than Ben 10 and more weapons ready than mother fucking Ten-Ten. Be on a deuce-deuce, squads ready to shoot you. You couldn't escape with a Substitute Jutsu. Stay in check, you're not ill and I'm not you, a finger flick from me will break through a Susano'o. Turn Sage Mode into ashes, turn Hidan to nothing. Bitch, I'm the biggest creature that isn't down for Summoning. Bitch boy, cease claiming that you're nicer, your end will be way more dramatic than Jiraiya's. I'll stuff you in a dryer, all your moves bore me. I'll yawn and wake up to your girl blowing this morning cock-a-matsu be king, you're a mean as a lame, getting in that ass like A Thousand Years of Pain. We ain't Gin and Kinkaku, we're far from the same. Cause my Chakra's insane like Kurama out his cage. SWITCH, changed now I'm off the chain, Shadow Posses cause I want that brain, flames, burning up your village and you can't put it out. Tryna' take my route? Better save your name, Now stay and pout, bring another nigga but I'll take him out like Obito when that big boulder laid him out... Ouch... Ouch... Shuriken's in my pouch. Want to go bar for bar, or star for star, but things are gonna' go south. I'm fast motha fucka you think you can keep up? You fuckin' with a dog, Kiba. Get Sealed away I'm here to stay you're fucking with a damn Reaper. Me sweat you? You're nothing but a Z
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