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  • Текст песни LeM - Turned

    Исполнитель: LeM
    Название песни: Turned
    Дата добавления: 06.06.2016 | 16:57:29
    Просмотров: 16
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    (-intro verse-)
    I thought there could be string between us
    that made things sound
    around me in my house
    now silence
    you raped my heart girl
    you made me pray
    but now I have
    nothing to say
    you made my flight
    turn into falling
    and now it's time 4 me
    to stop calling your name
    I thought there could be kissing lessons
    I felt like my hands was made out of clay
    this world could be the place of no posessions
    and I have never saw that you regret
    (-rap like chorus. i think it could be my part so dont learn it too much, just catch the rhythm:-)
    you turned my heart girl
    into the stone
    and I'm so stoned now
    for the feelings tuned colder
    I feel myself older and
    so odd is to say I'm okay
    'cause I got no escape from this love
    that is makin' me tough
    spring around me seems grayscaled
    the sunshine turns red
    and my bed is too cold 4 me
    but I'm not alone in here
    there's you in this world really
    makin' me feel I'm not already dead
    there's a thing in my head
    and I can't understand it but
    I think that it can't and
    will never end me
    do you think this is love
    that we made the wrong way
    and after that girl
    I have nothing to say
    'cause you made me crazy
    misunderstood me
    4 I had habitual abuse of you
    you lend me the play
    and I had to loose
    so have I not to choose
    some another way?
    u can turn my
    falling into the flight
    (-half the rhythm so it ends-)
    and this desperate fight
    inta wonderful night
    cha cha cha )

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