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  • Текст песни Feed Me Jack - New Kid

    Исполнитель: Feed Me Jack
    Название песни: New Kid
    Дата добавления: 28.05.2016 | 09:26:54
    Просмотров: 13
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    You're woven into my thoughts,
    you're the first thing that I think of when I wake,
    and you're with me as I fall asleep.
    How quickly things change,
    and how suddenly,
    a quilt of love takes shape.

    Flying over the streets laughing,
    the wind rising,
    piece a stoge with the lord,
    high up in a tree.
    Ontologically speaking, I saw the beacon beckon.

    Took a leap of faith and crashed into the park,
    coated in the dust of a come down cheap,
    I thought I'd found peace,
    I thought I'd found peace.

    You see my eyes are bloodshot?
    I slam my fists into the wall.
    And take the quilts that bind us:
    It's no one's fault.

    Out of my control,
    its the root of my affliction,
    the root of my lament.
    Out of my control,
    a quilt of love takes shape.

    Look here,
    I wear all my thoughts and fears,
    on my sleeve for all to see.
    Sometimes I don't know where I'm going-
    where I'm going-
    that's alright.

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