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  • Текст песни Colette Carr - sharon stoned

    Исполнитель: Colette Carr
    Название песни: sharon stoned
    Дата добавления: 14.06.2016 | 06:46:52
    Просмотров: 8
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    Fatal Instincts
    I got a pocket full of stones
    that's why them call me Sharon Stoned
    I got a pocket full of stones
    That's why them call me Sharon stoned
    I got a pocket full of stones
    Colette-rika rika ring me along(2x)

    six in the morning,police at my door
    duct taped Chuck Taylors across the hard wood floor
    and today would be the day that i didn't use a pad lock,
    a man busted in, straight looking like Maddlock
    Washed his bed, on my ass i was matched up
    before i knew it i was surrounded by mad cops
    oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, what do i do, what do i do?
    (motherfucker) nah, mother fuck you
    I ran to the bathroom and try to flush down the evidence
    never really evident that my stones was having sex
    but where i caught my rocks is irrelevant
    and before the water could flush down the bowl,
    officer dink head put me in a choke-hold
    knocked out my tooth and broke my jaw on the sink
    Malibu's most wanted, you're going to the clink
    that's what he told me, it's a fatal instinct


    Now they're interrogating me like i am illiterate,
    I ain't saying shit, bitch till i get a cigarette
    through the two way glass,
    I know y'all are watching me
    coward ass police
    this is a mockery
    Got me bruised, battered and scarred
    held against my will for a trumped up charged
    he says i'm moving contraband all across border
    but his proof got ruined in the toilet water
    he said he has computer files, pulled up my picture
    and all of my lyrics are incriminating scriptures
    just then my spidey sense twitches
    you never had a warrant so sianara bitches
    this molocany has been going on too long
    dude i swear i didn't do wrong
    and you can't prove that i did any harm
    and i ain't crossed my legs with no panties on


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